Leaving Cert History


My son who is in fifth year has decided he would like to take History at leaving cert as an extra subject. His words were’ I might as well make use of you mam!’ I just hope it wont all end in tears.

For students sitting the Leaving Certificate Exam in June 2016 the Document Based Question is
Dictatorship and Democracy in Europe 1920-1945 and so we have decided to start with this topic. My son is a visual learner and language would not be his strong point so how we approach this subject will be key to his learning.

We are going to begin by watching this 1992 movie, Stalin. I’ve never seen it before so we will leave a review in a couple of days. It is as an introduction to the topic.

I’d love some help with LC resources particularly to enable visual learners.

Also below see footage of the infamous Moscow show trial.



Playschool information packs for August 2014


Hi all,


The following information packs went out to you all in the post and you will receive them in the coming days. For those of you who simply cannot wait you can read all the relevant information required below. Also please keep a copy of the information for your future records.  Looking forward to seeing you all on the 28th 🙂


information-leaflet-for-playschool-2014 playschool-letter-2014 calendar-for-parents-2014